Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)

               About Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)

                       Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) is a community (Public – Private Partnership) effort to prevent India from becoming the world capital of Diabetes Mellitus                                using the Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT).

                       SDM envisages identifying, motivating, training and organizing – Volunteers (organizers), Diabetes patients, Yoga Instructors, Doctors and Researcher.
                       VYASA Trust and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA) a Yoga University, Bangalore has undertaken this ambitious nationwide                                    program Stop Diabetes  Movement” to bring down the growth of diabetes in India.

                       Aim of SDM: SDM aims at bringing down the growing curve of diabetes in India, using Yoga based Lifestyle intervention.


                       Primary prevention: Prevent Pre-diabetics to become diabetics and
                       Secondary prevention: Preventing the complications; converting diabetes condition from severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and from mild to normal

                       1. To make “International Yoga Day” as launching pad for taking Yoga Therapy for Diabetes to all corners of India.

                       2. To develop a team of volunteers all over the nation dedicated for the cause.

                       3. To conduct around 2000 SDM camps throughout India.

                       4. To create awareness in society about Yoga and Diabetes.

                       Why SDM?

                       India is heading towards becoming the ‘Global capital for diabetes’
                       Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions
                       More and more young persons are also becoming diabetic, because of the modern life style.
                       Every 6 seconds, a person dies of diabetes complications
                       In the same 6 seconds, 2 people are diagnosed as diabetics
                       One in every five diabetics in the world is Indian

                   Yoga for Diabetes: Yoga helps in prevention and management of diabetes by lifestyle change (diet, exercise, habits and stress reduction) through mind                                   management. Nearly 100 research publications in indexed international journals from around the world has shown that, yoga helps in several ways: