Guidelines for Affiliation

Guidelines for Affiliation to

Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA, International )

by an Institution outside India

Application for Affiliation

Application for AffiliationObjectives: The objective of the Organization / Institute / College / University / Department/Individual center, hereafter called Institute should be in accordance with the objectives of VYASA.



  • An application fee of $. 100/-  should be remitted. The institute should submit the application form with all the details (enclose a brief about the institute) for processing the same.

  • A committee authorized by VYASA, International will undertake inspection of the Institution to assess the Institution and to recommend for Affiliation.

  • Institution seeking affiliation shall pay the expenses towards travelling, food and accommodation and other local expenses for the inspection committee.

  • Based on the recommendation of the inspection committee, the affiliation committee of VYASA, Int may recommend affiliation

  • If affiliation is approved, a onetime non-refundable affiliation fee of $ 1000/- (US Dollars one thousand only) should be remitted by Bank Draft / Bank transfer in favor of “VYASA”.

  • The certificate of Affiliation will be sent to the Institution

  • The affiliation is valid for a period of three years from the date of payment of affiliation fee. The institution will pay a fee of US $ 250/- (US Dollars Two fifty only) per year. However, VYASA holds the right to cancel any Affiliation if the progress is not found satisfactory after giving enough time for improvement.

Permission to use the term “Affiliated”:
Affiliated institution is permitted to use the term “Affiliated to Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, International (VYASA, Int )” below their institute name when once the Affiliation is granted.

Courses Counter:
The Institution will provide information about SVYASA / VYASA / SVYP.

To follow courses offered by VYASA:
The courses and curricula prescribed by VYASA, Int based on their research findings and tradition of yoga and spiritual lore has to be followed by the Affiliated Institution.

The following courses shall be conducted by the affiliated Institution:


  1. Stress Management Program (SMET)

  2. Personality Development Course (PDC)

  3. Yoga for Promotion of Positive Health (PPH)

  4. Yoga Therapy Camps and Programs (SDM, etc and YTP)

  5. Yoga Instructors’ Course (YIC)

  6. Yoga Therapy Instructors’ Course (YTIC)

  7. SDM Teachers Training Course (SDMTTC)

  8. Obesity control Teachers Training Course (OBCOPTTC)

  9. Depression control Teachers Training Course (DECOPTTC)

  10. Cancer Control Teachers Training Course (CACOPTTC)

Details of the courses are given in the enclosed. Other courses if any, will be conveyed by the VYASA team from time to time.

Examination, Evaluation, Declaration of result:
The students undergoing the course will be assessed by VYASA, Int team based on the evaluation procedures set out for the same.

Promotion of Yoga Research:
Yoga Research should be promoted. The Institution shall have an opportunity, if they desire, to participate in the ongoing research projects of VYASA, Int

Publications Counter:

  1. The institute must stock all Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana (SVYP) publications.
  2. The institute shall procure SVYP publications at a discounted price of 33% for stock worth  $ 250/- and 40% for stock worth more than $ 10,00/-
  3. The institute should stock at least TWO sets of SVYP publications at all times. For all sales of SVYP publications, the institute will pay in advance the cost of publications by bank transfer to account number SB 30858666629 at SBI, JIgni Branch, Bengaluru.

Deputation of Faculty/Teachers:
The Center for whom Affiliation has been granted may seek assistance for deputation of Faculty/Teachers from VYASA, Int for any specified/or all courses. Subject to availability, VYASA, Int  shall depute faculty member (s) and/or well trained yoga teacher(s) for conducting the above courses.

The TA/DA, B and L as also local hospitality towards deputation of the Faculty/Teachers/Examiner, to be met by the Affiliated Institution.

  • Remuneration to be paid to VYASA, Int towards deputation of its faculty/ teacher
    For faculty/Examiner: $ 100/- per day per person.
    For teacher: $ 50/- per day per person.
    These Tariffs are subject to revision from time to time, by VYASA.

  • Award of Certificate for the courses :
    The certificates shall be issued by VYASA, Int to all candidates who have successfully completed all the requirements for the award.

Setting up of a Yoga Library:
A library is a must for the institution. It should contain, good and STANDARD books on yoga and spirituality including publications of VYASA exclusively for the benefit of yoga students and faculty. Membership is open to Affiliated Institution to enroll as associate member for the VYASA Central library at Prashanti on nominal Membership fee.

To have new Course than prescribed by VYASA:
If the institution wishes to conduct any other course designed by them, with the curriculum of their own should obtain prior approval from VYASA, Int. They are required to submit the curriculum for the proposed new courses with course content and with all the details for consideration by the VYASA,Int Board of studies (BOS) for their recommendation, before announcement/implementation/of the course. The Institution should send these details at least one semester ahead, to enable the BOS to make their recommendation and approval.

Report on the activities:
A monthly report on the activities of the Institution, containing information about the courses offered, number of students, seminars, conferences held/attended by Faculty, training programs conducted, lecture-Demonstrations conducted, Number of lectures held during the year on Yoga and spirituality, distinguished personality visited, articles published in newspapers or magazines, research reports or papers of the institution presented on national/ international conferences/Seminars and published in research journals should be sent to VYASA every month or handed over to VYASA supervisors during their visits to the centers.

Institution should submit their Annual statement of accounts (preferred audit statement) for the year ending March 31st before May 1st of the year.

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